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Case Study: Jugg Polish Street Food Logo Design

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Brand Name: Jugg Polish Street Food

Project overviews:

Jugg Polish Street Food, a dynamic startup, envisioned revolutionizing the street food scene by introducing authentic Polish sausage in a contemporary and inviting way. They approached Cre8tive Fullstop to establish their brand identity, including crafting a captivating logo for their upcoming food truck launch.


Jugg Polish Street Food, despite offering authentic and delicious Polish sausage, faced the challenge of establishing a unique identity in the competitive street food market. The market was saturated with diverse cuisines and vibrant food truck concepts, making it difficult for Jugg Polish Street Food to stand out and capture the attention of their target audience.


The primary objective revolved around establishing Jugg Polish Street Food as the quintessential destination for premium and authentic Polish sausage. The goal was to create a brand identity and logo that not only showcased the heritage and authenticity of their Polish sausage but also appealed to a contemporary audience seeking unique, high-quality street food experiences. The logo design aimed to capture the essence of Polish culinary traditions while presenting a modern, inviting image that communicated the exceptional taste and cultural richness of their sausage offerings, positioning Jugg Polish Street Food as a standout choice in the street food landscape.

Authentic Taste, Modern Vibes.

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Creative Processs

  • In the creative journey of developing Jugg Polish Street Food’s brand identity for their signature Polish sausage, the process began with a deep dive into the heritage and craftsmanship of authentic Polish sausage-making. Exploring the nuanced flavors, cultural significance, and traditional techniques formed the foundation for an identity that authentically represents Poland’s renowned sausage craftsmanship.


  • Understanding the discerning tastes of the audience was pivotal. Thorough market research uncovered insights into the street food landscape and the preferences of sausage enthusiasts. These insights laid the groundwork for crafting a brand identity tailored to resonate with individuals seeking premium, authentic sausage experiences.


  • Building upon these sausage-making insights and audience understanding, design brainstorming sessions were initiated. Sketching and refining numerous concepts, the aim was to explore visual representations that seamlessly merged the legacy of Polish sausage craftsmanship with a modern, streetwise appeal.


  • Chosen design concepts were infused with symbolic elements that epitomized Polish sausage traditions. Vibrant colors inspired by Polish heritage, coupled with subtle visual cues representing the art of sausage-making, were thoughtfully incorporated. These elements aimed to evoke a sense of heritage while embracing the vibrant energy of the street food scene.


  • Throughout the design journey, iterative refinement played a pivotal role. Prototypes underwent internal reviews and client collaborations to ensure alignment with the envisioned brand narrative. Feedback loops facilitated adjustments in color schemes, typography, and visual elements, striving for a cohesive sausage brand identity.


  • Culminating in the final design direction, the chosen brand identity, including the logo and visual elements, was meticulously prepared for implementation across diverse mediums. This readiness paved the way for an exciting launch, positioning Jugg Polish Street Food’s authentic Polish sausage at the forefront of the street food scene.

Branding Colors

Hex : ffca05

Hex : be0e0e

Hex : 000000

Hex : ffffff

Brand typeface

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